Play bigger by increasing your competitive reach and effectiveness

The "self-describing" data model offered by XML makes it easier for your enterprise to integrate with suppliers and others who are "upstream" from to enable you to leverage their data assets. Similarly, this model makes it easier for you to integrate with your downstream partners - customers and channel or logistics partners. For large entities, it assists in internal integration as well. The end result is that your enterprise becomes more capable and more valuable.

Play harder by extracting more services and value from your data bases and in Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and other systems

If you measured the utilization of your data assets and software features, odds are that you would find most are just "lay abouts" - grossly underutilized. They are "stranded" assets because of difficulties in communicating their potential, difficulty in moving them to where needed, and above all difficulty im melding them with complementary assets. Effective use of XML in conjunction with sophisticated architectures can markedly reduce these hindrances.

Play smarter through innovative adaptation of new IT architectures, products and services

In debating over adoption of new services and approaches, the typical and, to a degree, necessary focus is on money - ROI, etc. However "money" questions -  revenue or cost - focus on the dependent variables. The independent variable that determine the monetary outcome are creativity, packaging, pace and quality - aspects that are often left out of the discussion because they cannot be bought off the shelf and because problem-solving is not a spectator sport.

Stop playing the losers: remediate or replace underperforming, perhaps embarrassing eBusiness or other initiatives

For many reasons - mostly bad ones, there is a tendency to keep feeding the losers, partly because of corporate inertia and partly because of fear, uncertainty and doubt about their replacements. We are far enough along with "next wave" architectures, products and services to provide assurance that your "next wave" does not have to be made up of over-promised, underachieving, career-jeopardizing losers.
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is your business creating competitive advantage by addressing customer needs? Winning isn’t the only thing, but …

Dataare you prepared for a world in which cross-functional, cross-organization integration becomes essential, making data quality a critical success factor?

ComplianceRules abound. Can you comply and, often very important, demonstrate compliance …without breaking a sweat? For more on compliance, see the product announcement of ComplianceAide at