The XML Optimization web site is a resource to assist those who need to exploit business opportunities associated with use of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Although XML is important in eBusiness,  many of the opportunities that XML helps create are inter/intra-enterprise in nature. For a further introduction, see the Executive Summary page.

In comparison to other IT capabilities, XML poses particular difficulties for those who want to exploit it. XML is not something tangible - it is not a widget or even a software widget, but the use of "tags" to enable data to be "self-describing." For a look at XML firsthand go to what is XML?

XML is not a "people" phenomenon: for the most part machines generate XML tags and other artifacts and machines consume XML - so in use XML typically will be invisible to the people being served. Also, XML solves information management problems that appear (and some are) esoteric - for example, of what practical use is "self-describing" data?

Nevertheless, XML can be of huge importance. For example, much of the power of "Web Services," to cite what Saint Exupery referred to as a "bringing together" capability, is made possible through the exploitation of XML. To get a feel for the practical implications of XML, go to the page describing XML opportunities. There is of course work and some investment required, and these are described in the Work To-Do's page.

Architecturally, XML can be exploited in a variety of contexts, and these are referred to as "modes" modes of use. See XML modes. On the other XML practitioners face limits, because limited machine "intelligence" creates hindrances that in turn make standards-setting difficult.

The site map page provides an overview of the structure of this site as well as a convenient point to launch selected pages in the order you prefer.

In summary, the site "XMLoptimization" is aimed at helping you to envision how XML can improve your business.
As a demonstration project, I authored a "conceptual solution" for what is a very public "case" - the implementation of an Information Sharing Environment (ISE) for the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Click here to access the full proposal. Reliance on XML is pervasive within that proposal.

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